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for the incredible design work and collaboration and onboarding UI guide
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For translations, code, and community involvement!
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I've been interested in crypto since I've mined my 1st BTC back in 2013 and now I'm a dencentralization enthusiast. I've join KEEP community back in April. I find tBTC interesting because blockchain Interoperability is crucial for DEFI's future.

1.  This month I've been designing a UI  for the "Reimagine the Token Dashboard as a mobile experience." goal. You can check below the project starting from user flow > low fidelity prototype > high fidelity prototype. This is an ongoing project. You can check the High Fidelity Prototype here:
Low Fidelity Prototype:
User Flow:
Full Project:    
2. Last month I've designed a full Onboarding Guide UI. I'm not sure if this was considered for the last PFK since there were no design goals back then. This project I think it fits into the "Onboarding and “how-tos” for the Token Dashboard via motion, diagrams, or UI." goal. I'll leave this to your discretion if you want to consider this submission for this month's PFK. Here's the design prototype:
Here's the full project file with user flow included:    
3. I've been running a Random Beacon and an ECDSA node since April


1. I've designed a full Onboarding Guide UI extension with the idea for this to be placed right on top of Keep's dashboard to simplify and streamline the setup process of both Beacon and ECDSA nodes, for the users. With the possibility to be adapted to any changes in the node setup process might suffer in the future. Here's the design prototype:
Here's the full project file with user flow included:    
2. Designed some swag mockups for hats, shirts, bottles, and pins for both KEEP and tBTC:    
3. Created an extensive brand media kit for KEEP:    
4. I helped Kris with the Stakedrop Onboarding Zoom Call and discord all day, providing assistance to users on setting up nodes.    
5. Providing the usual day to day support on getting users nodes up and running, one by one, and clarifying any general questions users on the staking and general channels. Too many discord links to paste here.    
6. I've been running a Random Beacon and a ECDSA node
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