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best username, best heckler. Runs the community staker calls which have been a huge help, is a volunteer moderator, and has a number of Github contributions to boot!
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hi all! I am pantsme, the infamous yet kind hearted community mod of your dreams.
I like chocolate cake, short walks on the beach, and I like giving massages hehe.

I run a testnet node.
As well as a few mainnet nodes but not sharing those addresses.  
The team can ask if needed.

added tbtc token to mycrypto's token list

created PR on Trustwallet repo to add tbtc - paid the fee of 250 TWT ($25)

created PR for MEW's eth token list to get tbtc fixed/added

Creating keepcli for users to be able to more easily get info from their node and the tbtc network

Created the following monitoring guide for users to use to monitor their mainnet/testnet nodes


Been running my ecdsa and random beacon nodes still.

Me, @ssh , and @state also created the @Keep-Lotterybot which is a simple bot that lets you bet on heads or tails.  It actually calls the Random Beacon nodes on Ropsten and uses the randomness that is generated by these nodes to figure out if you win or lose!  Try the bot out in #💻development but please be slow with your bets, it can only do one at a time and then has to wait for the response!  We hope something as simple as this will help to spur some ideas for people wanting to utilize the random beacon for something other than tBTC.  We will be adding more to it now that the basic functionality is working.  SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!


Created a simple PR on the docs for ECDSA, may or may not be merged, going to test further and report back
started a new testing node a day or two ago that I can use to help troubleshoot user's issues while not disrupting my main testnet nodes.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources