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1) Running Keep Random Beacon testnet node
2) Running Keep ECDSA testnet node
3) Video about tBTC, its use cases and the impact it will have on DeFi ecosystem:
4) I have introduced many people (15-20) to KEEP Network, helped them to set up testnet nodes, solved their issues and will continue to do it. (issues with peers, correct versions, etc.)
5) Complete video guide in Russian about KEEP token metrics and StakeDrop. It explains how to participate, what is the goal of this event, why it is better than ICO, and what are the incentives (get tokens to become a validator on the mainnet):
I also tell people to join the Discord server, so they can stay up to date with the latest news, and get help if they are stuck or have some other problems. Additionally, i tell them to contact me, if, for some reason, people in discord cannot help them.
6) Twitter bot for new TBTC mintings or redemptions:
Link to GitHub:
I am working on new functionality.
7) I have registered keepnet/ TLD on the Handshake blockchain, so join.keepnet/ now resolves to If you want to try it out, follow this guide to install NextDNS:
It's one of 2 trusted DNS resolvers by Firefox - it shouldn't route you to a fake website) Proof at the bottom:
Description: I am in crypto since 2017, and i have been following KEEP Network from the moment it became public. Currently, i am working on video tutorials in Russian about KEEP and getting more people interested. For the future, i am building server at home, to be a validator in ETH 2.0 and KEEP Network. (will test uptime on the testnet during Playing for KEEPs event)

Hi everybody, call me All in Bit. My major interest - tBTC, which can bring more adoption to DeFi ecosystem and make it grow, by being used as a collateral and in some other ways.
Right now, i am running Ropsten testnet node and looking forward to run it on the mainnet. In the future, i am planning to create video guides on youtube about KEEP project usecases in russian.
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