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Hello to all! My name is Vitaly, I have been following the KeepNetwork project since 2018, subscribed to slack, subscribed to the newsletter, and was on the call "CROWDCAST". I have been holding the node since the beginning of June, testing and participating in the tBTC mint in the official application! Your project is very cool, everything you do is cool, I want to help you, I stay in touch!

.Network that works on Random Beacon -- KEEP The Only Chance The premise is simple, you are choosing range of numbers, connecting to metamask and then trustlessly and transparently randomising number in this range with the help of Random Beacon nodes and receiving proof of that. First place where it can be useful which comes to mind are random giveaways, where now you would have blockchain confirmation of randomness but mostly this tool is a nice way to show off Random Beacon possibilities and variety of options and ways that it can be used. Hope you will enjoy it. Live:
Project was built in collaboration with  @qwertys318  and you can find open-sourced code down here:
I also want to tell you that I raised the ether node in order for my statistics to be at a very high level.


 I and my friends spent the whole day solving the quest and Yes, I passed it one of the first, I counted 7 completed steps and at the end I deciphered this message "This is the last step. To complete the quest, send the code WORD "all names nil" to the address You will only have two attempts to do it correctly. Think carefully! Mr. Anagram"  and sent a response to the mail - it was very exciting and interesting thanks to the team for the work done! I also wrote a short but very clear article for a simple user who has never encountered our Keep Network project: And here is my first submission that I made 3 months ago and I want to say I am very happy to be in this homely community, thank you KeepNetwork for giving me the opportunity to study and participate in the project!  I also took part in stakedrops and I want to say I have already earned well! THANK YOU


Two months later, a lot of work was done, I went through two stages in the application, of course, mint tBTC and redeem tBTC were given very hard, my node was constantly loaded (bonded) at 200-300 eth and I noticed a lot of errors, including that the ether in bonded was burned just like a list during the stages of the exchange of tBTC 1900eth was uploaded to my node, about all the errors that I found, I immediately reported them. But I also had great pleasure learning more and more articles on KeepNetwork, I am very proud of myself that I have been part of a big family for two months now! Thank you KEEP    , I stay with you and will continue to work
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