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Hello. I am a member of the Russian-speaking community. I participate in Playing for Keeps since June 9

made some infographic about KEEP here
and posted it in twitter

24.08.20 My video review in Russian about the KEEP network, in the video I talk about the project as a whole, prospects, PFK, Defi and stakedrop. Videos have already been watched more than 2k times ! I keep updating my guide ropsten tBTC to KEEP exchange in Russian and I help new people in the Russian telegram group


I started running a node in the test network for keep random beacon.
I am going to take part for tbtc ropsten tBTC to KEEP exchange program and a couple of days in the back wrote an guide in Russian what needs to be done for this :
Guide on message signing for Russian community for tBTC ropsten challenge
Translated in Russian an article 75,000 KEEP Awarded to PleBTC in Festival Hackathon

some memes
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources