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Hello everyone from Russia! My name is Vitaliy. Half of my past life of 32 years was fundamentally different from how for almost three years I have been exploring a space that is completely unfamiliar to me. My past is closely connected with BMX, I was a professional rider and owner of BMX shop, now I am here. At Keep Network, I want to see something that for all these three years I have not been able to identify in other projects, namely the real application in the world of decentralized finance (Defi). Unfortunately, I am not strong in both development and design, but I am sure that I can be useful to the project as a person disseminating information about Keep, whether it be translations of articles, help in explaining the essence of the project to new guys. There may be something else, the possibilities of which I myself do not know yet.


In the process, I was glad to learn more from the guys from the team, as well as the technical details of the project, which I am sure will be necessary for me to use in the very near future.The mint process was unfortunately not easy for due to a very common mistake. But everything has already succeeded minting some tbtc. Mint address 0x50Ff754944fa9F4c88251843e92F3A0c6BBe47F8 And maybe a slightly ambiguous idea. An idea that is an integral part of my life, along with my professional hobby for bmx and other underground cultures. The fact that literally helps me to be myself, while with the same interest I have been learning the world of cryptocurrencies for almost 3 years now and I see how it has also become one of the parts of my life for a long time.
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