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My Name is Luo Ming. I've been involved in cryptograph world for many years and keep eyes on KEEP project for two months. I missed many KEEP bonus unfortunately. Hope I could catch up with incoming plays.

I study KEEP and tBTC technologies and installed Random Beacon and EDCSA nodes. Furthermore, I've installed Prometheus,Grafana and Loki logger on my nodes to monitor their running status. I'd like to contribute more to KEEP in technology and community.

1.  I've installed and run two operator nodes, each of them are in charge of Random Beacon and EDCSA

2.  I've installed Prometheus and Loki on the node of 0x7745525EABBF4158bbF9E0071cf6fFFe253a956D. and using Grafana Cloud starter to monitor the node, which snapshot can be found at

3.  I wrote a guild in Chinese version, which is introducing what is Keep Network, tBTC and the relationship between them. and clarifying how to install beacon & EDCSA nodes and setup Grafana, Prometheus & Loki to monitor & alert. This guild can be found at my github wiki :
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