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Hi everyone, my name is Slawek and I live in Belarus, Minsk.
I joined Keep's slack since January 2018, all time was waiting to buy some KEEPs, but there was no ICO, unfortunately I'm not a Developer and don't have enough knowledge, that's why didn't start KEEP node until now, and I have had many health problems. I thought this is very hard to start KEEP node, but when look to a manual then understand that there is nothing hard, will start KEEP node this week. Taken part in tBTC mint, but nothing earned. Today I made a poster and went to advertise KEEP at a rally in Minsk, I think there are about 100 thousand people, many media representatives. Let more people know about KEEP(took some great pictures). Started the discussion about KEEP in belarusian forum Onliner. I wanna to contribute to the community and will do what I can! And will try to write a article about KEEP, but not sure about the quality.


This month i'm sick, so I didn't do much for PfK.
My Beacon and ECDSA node still working.
And I created a clock for my room with Keep's design

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