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Hi! My name is Andrei.
Hi, my submition for September:
  1. I had translated article about Shield mining to russian. 
  2. Inspired of collaboration of Nexus Mutual and Keep, prepared detailed review on how to use Nexus Mutual if you decided to stake NXM in tBTC contract.
  3. In cooperation with @Genr3 and @bakarapara  we continue to aggregate all the articles/guides and news Keep related at
  4. Run my nodes, operator address 0xa3600bccDb7093fc6A201b557BEdd42B89b68a6D

New translations RU:
Hi, it's Andrei again.
This small PFK was really like a sprint.
  1. The most valuable submit from me is always up to date website - During this short period of time me and my buddies @bakarapara and Genr3#4694 uploaded all new guides/articles and news. All together about 15. 
  2.  I Had translated to Russian and add it here:
  3. Still run my Random Beacon node since June. 0xa3600bccDb7093fc6A201b557BEdd42B89b68a6D

Hi! My name is Andrei and this is my contribution for PFK July:
  1. I translated articles about Metamask and bitcoin UTXO from  pull them to github (@596343pepsi) and make duplicate on medium to easy read: a) How to use Metamask b) What is Bitcoin UTXO Both are waiting to be reviewed. 
  2. With @bakarapara and @Genr3 I keep maintaining biggest website related Keep Network for Russian people - This month were submitted 12 news, guides, and articles about Keep. This month we are reached in average 100 users per day.
  3. have tested minting process of tBTC, never succeed but i try! Accumulate 1 TDT though 0xa3600bccDb7093fc6A201b557BEdd42B89b68a6D
  4. Raising awareness for the project via social media (instagram and twitter posts and memes)
  5. And of course i'm running Random Beacon node 0xa3600bccDb7093fc6A201b557BEdd42B89b68a6D since June. 

Hi all, my name is Andrei, I had joined keep seems like 2 years ago but 've just run my beacon node first time. Address 0xa3600bccDb7093fc6A201b557BEdd42B89b68a6D.
I'm going to run this node with close attention and then run more instances. Also will go deep in help for the project with translations and other stuff.
UPD. in tandem with @bakarapara and @Genr3 i had gathered usefull information and guides about Keep network in one website for Russian community -
Big thanks to all the russian translators who has contributed to these translations. More of that i try to onboard newcomers and give them lite advices on how to setup nodes.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources