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Hi everyone. Also very excited to be here and support this great project where I can.
I'm no dev of any sorts, just a crypto enthusiast, always learning and fighting to setup nodes. Having said that I translated  most of the content provided here to German and it would be great to get some feedback and suggestions where to improve those. Also translating some of the posts on medium when I find the time which I provide link in the #🇩🇪keep-de channel. Happy playing for keeps  here are my 2 operator addresses: 0xa2Bba3ab7fb536Ca01B7100F0104df5b450171C2 0x30523527aced0ed2f5ce1721086d1d282d3af38
  • Running nodes on testnet: ECDSA-node 0x56115958Dc4c76d8Ec3afA02fCee72E8E467e48b Beacon-node 0xa2Bba3ab7fb536Ca01B7100F0104df5b450171C2 
  • Added a few more translations which I also posted in #🇩🇪keep-de started a project with @Kunkomu which he described in his introduction.
More to come in that regards soon, too


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