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Greetings, kferret here.

Greetings from kferret. Here are my November/December contributions for PFK.
Keep Stats (
Maintenance Updates Reduced API calls by one to increase reliability for updating the stats every minute. The unit labels have been removed from USD values and TBTC values to improve the use of space as these numbers get bigger.
Keep Tools (
Maintenance Updates Small update for the latest version of the ECDSA client including new configuration parameters and updated Docker commands. Slight visual tweak in the homepage. Updated the address list to consistently use checksummed addresses.
Extras - Completed the usability survey for the dashboard. ( - Assisted with moderating the Discord and answering some questions. - Continued to be a mainnet staker with zero faults. Thanks and happy new year!

Here with my October PFK entry.

New Guide on Keep Tools First, I created a new section on Keep Tools ( called Staking Guides.
It is intended to provide useful information related to staking and operating Keep nodes.
The first guide is called "ECDSA Node Risks & Mitigation Strategies" (AKA "How Not to Lose Money Staking for tBTC").
It is a compilation of various lessons I learned during the first month of running an ECDSA node on mainnet. It includes explanations of common causes that can result in losses for a node, and practical steps for how to avoid these situations.

Dark Mode on Keep Stats Second, Keep Stats ( now has a base of loyal users and I've noticed, as expected, that some people are leaving it open on their desktop to monitor various metrics. However for many people, Keep Stats will be the brightest thing on their monitor. So I've added Dark Mode! Simply toggle the Light/Dark switch at the bottom and now you can enjoy Keep Stats without hurting your eyes.

Community This month I became a volunteer moderator of the Discord community. I'm honored to be able to continue to help out as an active participant of the community in this expanded role.

Mainnet Staking I am a mainnet staker, operating both Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes, staking with my my PFK grant.

I wanted to share with you an app I have been working on: Keep Stats ( and explain a little bit of my thoughts in designing it.
It's a simple dashboard to track key metrics for Keep and tBTC. One of my main goals was to make sure the app is designed for two types of users who will use it differently - someone who hits the page once in a while for a quick update, and someone who leaves it open on their desktop for continuous monitoring.

To cover both use cases, I prioritized a responsive layout so that it is usable on any screen: perfect for on the go phone checks, or for the hardcore trader who has a separate monitor for charts. It is a simplified experience, all in one page (and no scrolling at desktop size) so there's no need to click around navigating to find key info, which is often required in dashboard/analytics apps (and then you lose your place when you refresh, how frustrating). And speaking of refreshing, Keep Stats is always in sync and shows the last update time, so you don't need to manually refresh and you get feedback that it's still up to date.

Please check it out and hopefully it will be useful for some of you. 


Hi everyone! I'm kferret. I
'm new to the Keep community but I've been involved in crypto for a while...
I acquired my first bitcoin in 2011! I am familiar with many DeFi products and have spent a ton of gas on experimenting with everything.
I also have a special interest in infrastructure and tools, as this is my professional background.
Everything I've learned about Keep has made me super excited so I decided to see how I can contribute to the community. Here's my entry for my PFK:

1. I set up Beacon and ECDSA nodes.
I hope to use skills I have learned professionally to be an exceptional node operator.

2. I am participating in the Quest. I love puzzles and have participated in several crypto challenges in the past. Through this one, I have already gotten to meet several members of the community so far and I hope to meet more!

3. While I was setting up my nodes, I realized there are a lot of great resources but they are scattered throughout multiple places (docs, Medium, Discord, GitHub) and it can be hard to navigate that and know what's up-to-date. I decided to design and build a hub that gathers useful tools and resources for people running Keep nodes.

Introducing Keep Tools!

Currently I've set up a handy config generator, cheat sheet for Docker commands, quick access to faucets, a tool for generating a keyfile, and more.

In response to the PFK request for a Community Bridge, I've also written Comparison Guides for Cosmos Validator and RenVM Darknode operators and posted these on Keep Tools.

This is just the beginning and I hope to expand the site with more useful tools and resources. I hope some of you find it useful and look forward to your feedback. It's also open source and contributions are welcome! Check it out! >>

Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources