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hi #Keepfollowers I just found out that I had to check in here  my name is Artyom.

 Personally me and my friends sometimes find it frustrating to lurk through etherpad and try to figure out was already was developed/contributed from community members, and what still could be contributed. Additionally to that fact, last few weeks etherpad just lags really hard for me, have to type and then wait for 10-15 seconds for my text to show up. Therefore I came up with such segmentation and sorted our all contributions up to date (I hope I didn't miss any) to following categories:

  • Entertainment 
  • Translations & Articles
  • Dashboards and stats Design Nodes
  • Bots 

Links to the google docs:


Main thing I did in this month is that I helped to organize quiz with nice testBTC + Ropsten ETH rewards (more than 45 testBTC for minters and 1k of Ropsten ETH) Here's message where we started quiz:
And in this message below you can see list of people who took part in organisation, coming up with questions and donation of testBTCs and ropsten ETH. We decided to do that as a single entry from this account, but hopefully this will also add weight to their personal entries.  
Also, I managed to update my node timely, as soon as new config came out. Hopefully that helped too. As well took part in extensive tBTC dapp testing in both phases (after dapp redeploy too)


I have been holding the operator node since June 7th!
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources