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Hello everyone, my name is Cyril.  I am interested in cryptography, programming and marketing.  I lead several groups dedicated to crypto.Heard about you from many of my friends for a long time, watched you in slack.  Found the time to study your project in more detail to participate in steak drop and game.

My entries for PFK in October!

1.Design dedicated to Halloween: 2.Participation in community events such as Moscow meetup and Decentralend events!

3.Support and update Beacon and ECDSA nodes my operator address : 0xf5C5B08707bec1fdB8b59Cc090404bF842C3bb67


1.The idea of integrating keep network and tBTC symbols on the platform using the "Kudos" product (NTF token of erc 721 standard)

1.1 Development of the concept of NFT tokens for platform standards

1.2 Passing formalities for listing tokens. Result:
(Keeper concept taken from @salty palo with an indication of the author, thanks for the materials provided)
and 2 more tokens are still being moderated and will be added later.  

2. Creating quests on (checking knowledge of keep and tBTC) completing these quests, users receive NFT tokens with keep and tBTC symbols. 
3. Support and update Beacon and ECDSA nodes 


1.Support Random ECDSA node 24/7 Infura dashboard
Support Beacon node 24/7 Infura dashboard

2.Took part in the quest and reached step 3 of the BEP. But unfortunately I could not find an answer.

3.Contribution to design and memes
4. Preparing surprises with new NFT tokens for the new PFK



1. Play for Keeps NFT (Dedicated to PFK event)

2. tBTC testnet program NFT (Dedicated to The tBTC incentivized testnet program) Was created and distributed to the community on a volunteer basis.  

3.I also shared my experience and initiated a #marketing conversation to create an official NFT Keep Network collection. Tokens can be dedicated to events such as PFK, the tBTC testnet program, and the Keep Network Stakedrop.

4. Run and upgraded Random Beacon node.

5. Run and upgraded ECDSA node.

6. tBTC app testing – minted/redeemed tBTC

7. Memes create

Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources