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Hey everyone! I am Natalia. I've been in crypto space for quite a while, a friend of mine has recently told me about Keep Network. I have my background in linguistics and can make written translations into Russian and Croatian. Happy to be here!

My contributions for October PFK:

1. I shared the info about Keep, Keep's infrastructure and tBTC technology with my friends;

2. I am running both Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes.

3. To ensure smooth running and 99.9% uptime of the nodes I took the following measures:

- enabled server backups; - installed a monitoring tool;
- made sure that I have enough ETH bonded (366 ETH available);
- I always have enough ETH for gas and monitor the balance to ensure I can unbond ETH quicky in case I am low on ETH;

4. I translated 6 articles into Croatian:

1) Bitcoin Holders Can Soon Get Into Mobile-based DeFi on Celo

2) tBTC Enables Safe Access to Celo, Extending Opportunities for BTC Holders

3) tBTC Custody Support Now Live on Gemini

4) Arjun Balaji to Judge Playing for Keeps Round for 2 Million KEEP

5) Forget Ethereum, DeFi Is Being Built on Bitcoin

6) Crypto Market Structure 3.0


- I've also added 45 Ropsten Eth to staking to be able to handle better requests in the network
- I have made 22 translations into Croatian:

1. The Importance of Randomness:
Keep’s Role in tBTC Source: Translation:

2. How to get KEEP — Stake ETH Source: Translation:

3. Keep’s Stakedrop Kicks off with Live Crowdcast Source: Translation:

4. Introducing Keep Advisor James Prestwich Source: Translation:

5. What James Prestwich is Looking For in September’s Playing for Keeps: Source:
in-septembers-playing-for-keeps-7a980d9520b0 Translation:

6. Introducing Cross-Chain Group: Source: Translation:

7. Announcing Cross-Chain Group Initial Members: Source: Translation:

8. Summa and Keep Partner on Cross-Chain Working Group: Source: Translation:

9. Getting to know the Keep team: Michael Source: Translation:

10. Introducing Our Advisors Source: Translation:

11. Getting to know the Keep team — Laura: Source: Translation:

12. Introducing Keep Advisor Luis Cuende Source: Translation:

13. Development, Fast and Slow: Source:

14. tBTC, the Safe Way To Use Bitcoin in DeFi, Is Live on Source: Translation:

15. Introducing Keep Advisor: Joe Urgo & Announcing Keep Partner district0x Source: Translation:

16. Cross-Chain Bridges are the Email of Blockchains: Source: Translation:

17. Shield mining is here! Source: Translation:

18. Front End Engineer - Keep Source: Translation:

19. Director of Product - Keep Source: Translation:

20. What is Infura Source:

21. tBTC Is Live Source:

22. Getting to Know the Keep Team: Piotr Source: Translation:


My contribution:

a) I invited my friends to join PFK

b) Translations into Croatian:

1) How the KEEP Token Works Source:

2) Why tBTC’s Collateralization is a Strength Source: Translation:

3) tBTC Will Never Liquidate Your Bitcoin Source: Translation:

4) Multiple Lot Sizes Make tBTC Reliable and Accessible to Everyone Source:

5) Keep is Now Fully Open-Sourced: Source: Translation:

6) Introducing tBTC: The Safe Way to Earn with Your Bitcoin Source:
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