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Hi all! My name is Marc from all the way down in Australia, I'm a systems/server administrator and security/network manager with a keen interest into crypto and blockchain technologies. It was a combination of my security experience and interest in crypto that lead me to finding you guys and taking an interest in what I think is an excellent (and necessary) project.

My October PFK contributions for October.

1. Node has been running very solidly for quite a while now, Beacon and ECDSA.

2. Attempting Everest/Graph ownership as a graph Curator from posts in #📊subgraph taking over the projects seems to take longer than I would like


I've starting running my own Beacon/ECDSA node from my 24x7 Cloud Serve.

I work as a Systems admin/Network manager by day in the education sector, an issue I come across all too often is poor data security/mishandling and as such technologies like Keep are very interesting to me, I put together an intro to Keep to our private forum as an idea for it's use in the education sector as a lower cost method to current outdated and very expensive models and have created a account to be able to share it with you all for, happy to take feedback, critique etc.
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