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Hello, I'm Little Things. I'm a Cryptocurrency enthusiast, i've been in this industry since 2017. I'm here because I'm looking for Investment on Cryptocurrency in DeFi area, after see 'KEEP' I Think it's potential for my investment. Also i want to participate in 'Playing for keeps' event.

Translated articles building bridges beetween blockchain with t ecdsa keep into Bahasa Indonesia Source:

Translated BisonTrails page 'Introducing about Keep Network' into Bahasa Indonesia Source:

Running Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes.


1. Running Random Beacon & ECDSA node since 10 July.

2. Translated "Keep Guide" by Bison Trails to Indonesian language:


1. Running Random Beacon & ECDSA node since 10 July.

2. Translated 6 Section page Keep Wiki created by StateLayer to Indonesian language Link:

3. Helping Proof of Read tBTC website for Indonesian language

4.Translated 6 articles from KEEP Medium blog into Indonesian language Original titles of translated articles:

  • What Viktor Bunin is looking for in month 3 of Playing for Keeps
  • How the KEEP token works - Announcing the winners of the Keep Privacy Prize Challenge
  •  tBTC Will Never Liquidate Your Bitcoin 
  • The Importance of Randomness: Keep’s Role in tBTC 
  • 75,000 KEEP Awarded to PleBTC in Festival Hackathon 

Link To Translations:


My Contributions area will be on a Translation 'Keep' documents, article to Indonesian Language. And, maybe if  'Keep' team allowed me to manage Indonesian community in this discord section, i will interested too. Glad to be here!! This is my translations contributions, and more translations will come.

Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources