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Hi Guys, my name is Leonardo Saturnino. I'm following the crypto environment since mid-2017 and heard about KEEP for about two years, I really think private data on a blockchain is a great thing, especially for governments, so I'm sticking with it.

Hey guys, for my december PFK.
I helped with the new stakedrop reward model calculator, which provided the first APY notion for the official lauch post.
Thank you all, KEEP is a great project and community.  
Special Thanks to @Matt Luongo

As some already know, I made a website to track deposits on tBTC network. It provides information like the current state of a contract, collateralization %, time left to sign a contract or respond a courtesy call - It's important to mention you don't find this info easily on etherscan just by querying addresses.  

These are crucial information for deposits tracking and management. As far as I know, this website is the only one that presents the deposit's time left to redeem or to respond a courtesy call, and one of the few that presents collateralization % and current state of the deposit.

FYI, all data provided is already MAINNET-wise and I've done several improvements on the solution.
Have a try on 
I extendedly provided an API so you're able to build your own App on top of this infrastructure. You're able to query all deposits or a specific deposit.
EndPoints to Retrieve Deposits:
     BODY:     {         "address": "0x669Da9698Af77f5008bb43C5528894cBCB310514"     }

I helped the integration of the API service to KEEPOR BOT, you can try it here: #🤖staking-info-bot
I'm open to help anyone's integration.
Lastly,  I've done a Nexus Mutual cover as asked by @Matt Luongo , ID: 2216, TX ID:


I'm providing an API with 2 endpoints that will make it possible to GET the main information related to a TBTC contract.  
The data offered by this API are pretty straight forward:

1. Current State of the ongoing contracts - by 'ongoing', I mean the following states: 4 - Active; 5 - Awaiting Withdrawal; 6 - Awaiting Withdrawal Proof; 8 - Courtesy Call. When a contract reaches states 7 - Redeemed or 11 - Liquidated,  it won't track it anymore;
2. Current Collaterization Percentage; 
3. Time left (in minutes) to take action to redeem, sign proof, or respond a courtesy call - this is REALLY cool IMHO! 
4. Contract Address;
5. Contract Block Number;
6. Contract Age (in days);  


2. - here you should provide a contract address.

This infrastructure will facilitate the creation of applications by the community developers and expand the solutions around the TBTC.

Introducing the "tBTC Contract Watcher" website.

I used my previously posted API to create this website so anyone can track the state of the contracts on tBTC network. This website is not only meant to track basic information about the contracts. As of the API provided, it presents sensible information about the contracts, such as 'collateralization %' and 'time left to take action'. 

I translated and published 3 blog posts to Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR), here's the links to the contents:


It's a liquidation bot which seeks undercollaterized contracts and try to liquidate it. All information is available on my git repository:  I'm also building a twitter bot to seek and report these undercollaterized contracts - for next submission.


I finally finished the Twitter Bot to provide Mint and Burn information on TBTC mainnet, it took a lot of work, but it's done! You can check it out here:
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