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for excellent node operation and subgraph work
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Hi everyone. I like Keep and I want to help project growing.

Subgraph for Ropsten network to show all ecdsa operators and their balance available for bonding:

Run and keep in updated state Random Beacon node.


Last month I presented ECDSA node balance checker bot, which was accepted quite warmly throughout some of community members. This months' PFK I collaborated with @qwertys318  to build logical continuation of such bot.
Our dashboard for ECDSA nodes. Currently serves purpose to check amount of available ETH for bonding on ECDSA nodes that are connected to it.
In future we plan to add some useful metrics, stats and other functions which might be helpful. Any suggestions are totally welcome.
You can find open-sourced code at this repo with detailed instruction:
This project is collaboration with @qwertys318, however, he doesn't yet participate in PFK himself, so we made a decision to contribute that from my account.

I run and keep in updated state Random Beacon node.


Created telegram bot for alert about ETH lack. You can add your addresses and get alert when ETH amount available for bond on ECDSA node reaches threshold: Github link:

Run and upgraded Random Beacon node 

Minted and redeemed some tBTC under the ropsten-tbtc-challenge and send feedback through form


I'm running Random Beacon node.
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