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Hi! I'm Uriel and I would like to work on translations to Spanish, will be working on everything I can!

Hello! This is my entry for the August sprint: Spanish video 
talk about BTC on other blockchains, tbtc, other BTC pegs, the Keep token and Keep network! Very useful video with important info, an introduction for the spanish community


Translation of StateLayer wiki to Spanish! Migrated to a web:  where I also added all the content made by the Spanish community, articles, guides, reports.  And just created the Spanish Telegram community chat; will share everything we have with the future members. For the next update there’ll be an active community there  There is still work to be done and to be added to the website, for now it covers the most important stuff


As I stated before I worked with Spanish translations ! Had a great time learning about Keep:
1. Translated all pages on the webpages -home, dev, faq, banners, etc. to Spanish
2. Translated article: - How Keep token works to Spanish:
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources