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Hey ya'll. Name's Jo and I'm a software developer from Australia. I'm interested in web3 & privacy solutions like Keep that push the limits of sovereign capabilities. Excited to take part in the inception and look forward to exploring additional value the network can bring.

some incremental improvements to the Ansible collection this week. The latest playbook configures Logstash and Filebeat to ingest Keep logs to any Elasticsearch host. It's reliant on geerlingguy's collection of elk-related roles available on galaxy. Also, in a small piece I share how anyone can seamlessly deploy an ELK configuration with Elastic Cloud. This is in a bid to encourage adoption of such monitoring tools to build greater network resilience. (


Happy to share what I've been working on lately. I've seen lot of the great written staking guides and tools (ELK, Terraform) that others in the community are leveraging. In developing my own operational capabilities in anticipation of main net launch, I thought I'd share the simple Ansible deployment framework that I've been working on: [redacted] As of now it handles the bootstrapping and configuration of the KEEP docker instances nicely. I've liked the ideas others have with integrating ELK, and I'm in the middle of building out deployment capabilities of filebeat configurations next. Hope others find it useful. I'd like to share a more detailed guide soon too. Otherwise,
I'm upkeeping my Ropsten operator in the interim: 0x7cc97E396aEa4C68e9E47d03191e569745A2E63A
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