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This month I was in charge of supporting and stabilization work for our bot:

  • est and update telegram bot for mainnet contracts 
  • Integrate Bugsnap into the bot for better errors monitoring
  • Support Random beacon node 0xAB44742be51ff1C0e6E5C1be1105462Df74EF392
  • Support ECDSA node 0x1181f6ed3dbBf18f05706bf41D0cE60c09ad16FE

I also support the liquidity pool on Uniswap(roughly for 34000 KEEP volume of trades).  I strongly believe in this project, so I'll continue to develop stuff for KEEP and support liquidity on Uniswap.


This month, I teamed up with @haritowa to participate in the PFK. We want to do something original and useful for the community. The first thing we noticed, many newbies in the keep community have encountered problems starting nodes. 1) I have created a guide on how to troubleshoot errors when launching Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes for the Russian-speaking community. It describes in detail possible errors, the reasons for their occurrence and how to solve them, and a simple guide for starting both nodes. Links to articles: 

2) I introduced my friends , including @haritowa, to the Keep Network project, talked about the project’s prospects, helped launch testnet nodes, and solved their problems. In my free time, I tried to help newcomers from the Russian-speaking telegram community in setting up nodes and will continue to do so.

 is a telegram bot for monitoring available for bounding ETH. Our approach was to build a bot, that everyone can use without additional setup and VPS management and which will be able to reliably run for a lot of users during mainnet.
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