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Hello, my name is Eric Chen. I come from keep's Chinese community. 
My occupation is a computer science student, and I have a strong interest in blockchain, and I also like painting. At the same time, as a bitcoin Hodler, the most attractive thing about keep project for me is that it provides a bridge between bitcoin and Ethereum on the premise of ensuring privacy and security.  It provides the opportunity for bitcoin Hodlers to obtain the pledge interest of bitcoin.

1.The work I submitted for September's PFK  is a few pixel MEME I created for keep. It took me few days to complete them. I hope everyone in the community  feel free to share it.

2. (As a new KEEPer,I'm trying to learn how to create and run ECDSA and Beacon Random nodes)

3. (10.5 update)I am already run my ECDSA and beacon node.
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