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Hi. My name is Aleksandr.

Here is my PFK submission for October.

I have updated my site for keep nodes monitoring
Now any user can add his node to monitoring in one command -
Also we could see the user location on the map
All ip addresses are masked in logs and coordinates are rounded as it is sensitive information. There is a new tab

Here we can observe errors that could appear. Users can suggest their errors and it's solution or try to find solution that already exist.
Also we could watch latest logs to help other person to solve his problem.
I running BEACON and ECDSA nodes online.
Thank you.


I see a lot of questions in keep chats about how to monitor runnnigs nodes: is it all ok? That is why I decided that it will be usefull to implement such tool. Presented tool uses docker containers logs. It seems that there is no any sensitive information in logs, that is why I decided that this type of monitoring is allowed.
Here is a site for keep nodes monitoring.

I have used following tools :
docker-logger ( that is attached to desired container and transfer logs via UDP to elastic server 
  • logstash to parse and prepare logs 
  • elastic server as a log storate 
  • separate worker for log analyze
  • simple front to visualize the node status and to showing these logs 
There is only one test node, but I will try to involve other keepers to participate in this project. ]

  • modify the docker-logger to make the installation in click 
  • implement alerting 
  • live log update 

I running
BEACON and ECDSA nodes online at the address 0x9b7126BC3Ab1A2343BF9ea4d09fB9C290955826c
and test BEACON node at 0x5607C1bF6D0DE1aD494306af79A60bCD7fbbb9F8.


Last week I have tried to implement KEEP pool application that let small KEEP holders pool and run a node. It's just a prototype without ethereum interaction.
This application consists of two parts:
  • telegram bot to create and enter pools
  • utility site to interact with ethereum blockchain and sign the transactions (now it's mocking) 
The prototype is written as a monolithic application with symphony. I will try to realize all the remaining points to became the full value project.

I running BEACON and ECDSA nodes online at the address - 0x9b7126BC3Ab1A2343BF9ea4d09fB9C290955826c.
Github -
Telegram Bot - @keep_pool_bot
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