Introducing Keep
28 Sep

Privacy and scalability are the two biggest hurdles to mainstream adoption of public blockchains. We’re tackling privacy by building a bridge between public blockchains and private data. We use keeps, or small off-chain containers, to secure and store this data. Keeps enables entirely new ways to work with private data.

Keep sprung out of our work on Fold. In an effort to build a decentralized gift card exchange, we discovered there wasn’t an adequate solution for securely managing private data on Ethereum. Accepting gift card information was just one piece of the puzzle. Complex escrow and market-making were paramount to a viable solution.

As we dug into the problem, it became apparent there was a broad, acute need for better privacy tooling in Ethereum. Think electronic health records, credit scoring, estate plans, trusts, and more. All of these use cases need to securely store private data to harness the full power of the public blockchain.

We welcome you to join us on our journey to bring privacy to the blockchain.

As we go, we’ll document our progress, values, and learnings. If you want to learn more about the project, read the latest draft of the whitepaperbusiness primer, check out founder Matt Luongo’s recent blog series on the state of privacy on the blockchain, or sign up for our Slack and mailing list.

We’re excited to bring privacy back to crypto!

The Keep Team

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