Announcing the Winners of the Keep Privacy Prize Challenge
16 Jul

One winner and two runners-up are awarded a total of 90,000 KEEP for their submissions

Keep hackers have been awarded a total of 90,000 KEEP for their submissions to the Keep Privacy Prize challenge, part of Gitcoin’s Protect Privacy Hackathon which ran through June 29. As a sponsor of the hackathon, Keep is one of the teams that organized challenges focused on development in key areas related to blockchain privacy.

The overall winner is tBTC Tornado Cash (GitHub), a Tornado implementation that includes in-app minting and a working demo, which comes away with the Keep Privacy Prize and 50,000 KEEP. As winner of the grand prize, this contributor was also immediately eligible to win up to 50,000 more KEEP in next month’s Playing for Keeps award.

“We saw a lot of impressive Tornado implementations as part of the challenge,” says Keep CEO Matt Luongo. “tBTC Tornado Cash went the farthest in terms of usability, and had a working demo, which is something we were really looking for.”

Two runners-up, tBTC Tornado (GitHub), another Tornado implementation with tBTC, and PrivaSwap (GitHub), a tBTC + Umbra mashup that allows for sending BTC to a private and “unlinked” ETH account, each win 20,000 KEEP.

Keep is a contributor to tBTC, which lets Bitcoin holders participate in Ethereum DeFi projects. Participants in the challenge were able to submit anything using Keep and/or tBTC, and we saw a wide range of impressive work.

A big thank you to Gitcoin, the other hackathon sponsors, and everyone who participated! The challenge saw over 100 submissions, and the Keep team was highly impressed by the quality of the work being done across the community. And finally, congratulations to our winners, who were selected for their practical uses, level of thoroughness, and usability, as well as the inclusion of a working demo. See the Github issue for full challenge information.

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