What Viktor Bunin is Looking For in Month 3 of Playing for Keeps
17 Jul

July’s focus will be on active management tools for the Keep Network & design

Bison Trails’s Viktor Bunin is serving as our judge for month three of Playing for Keeps. As in June, up to 2 million KEEP is up for grabs this month. To help guide contributors, Viktor offers the following suggestions for some of the types of projects that he has an eye out for in July:

  • The Graph subgraphs for interacting with Keep / tBTC / Random Beacon
  • Creating a dockerized (or similar) way to manage Keep nodes, or other infrastructure related contributions
  • Better tooling for active management, whether that is monitoring bots, liquidation bots, or alerting that could be setup, especially custom alerting
  • Slack/Telegram/Discord/etc. bots for network events (e.g., whale tBTC minting) or infrastructure alerts (e.g., notify nodes that they are running low on ETH available for bonding)
  • Documentation!!! Help people learn everything about Keep, tBTC, and the Random Beacon, including how they can interact with them, integrate them, leverage them, and build on them.

“People should not feel limited in what they submit,” says Viktor. “I am excited for any project that meaningfully adds to the Keep Network. That said, this month I have a particular focus on contributions that strengthen active management of the network, whether through monitoring, liquidation, alerts, or something else.”

Viktor will announce his prizes, and the awarding of up to 2 million KEEP, on August 15th.

Bonus Design Ideas…

In addition to Viktor’s suggestions, the Keep & tBTC design team invites the community to take their design submissions to the next level this month with a host of ideas tailored at this month’s theme and more. Categories include, but are not limited to: usability, product design, UI design, and design systems. Listed below are prompts to whet the appetite with more details to come in the design channel, so stay tuned!

  • and/or center of excellence for resources, tools, and more.
  • Expand and develop an open source design system via Figma for Keep and/or tBTC.
  • Conduct a dApp usability study (or participate in one!)
  • Take up the reigns in designing a Keep Random Beacon dApp we mocked up, or start your own.
  • Onboarding and “how-tos” for the Token Dashboard via motion, diagrams, or UI.
  • Visualize guides, documentation, diagrams, and conceptual models to augment learning documentation.
  • “Built with Keep” or “Powered by Keep” badge for integrations. (Nomenclature also open for suggestions.)
  • Error page designs (404, etc).
  • Reimagine the Token Dashboard as a mobile experience.
  • Get 3D! Design & build a KEEP staking node “box.” Extra credit for functioning. Extra-extra credit for building out a product site.
  • PFK showcase website for past, present, future great work.

These ideas are here to inspire, and are certainly not a limit. Happy making!

Building on June’s strong showing

The first two months of Playing for Keeps saw strong participation and hundreds of entries. In June, 2,000,000 KEEP was awarded by judge Spencer Noon. The month’s top award, the Noon Prize, and 200,000 KEEP went to Keep Discord user itzler#2708 for their key contributions to the Keep and tBTC Dune dashboard. Other First Prize winners included krispy#3698, vires-in-numeris#5324, ssh#4098, StateLayer#5254, experience#2376, and pantsme#2124, each of whom was awarded 150,000 KEEP. In total, over 100 contributors were awarded prizes of at least 5,000 KEEP.

How do you “Play for Keeps”?

Join our DiscordIn order to qualify your submission for Playing for Keeps prizes, you must join our Discord server and give us a quick overview of who you are in the introduction message. We want to get to know everyone and make sure we don’t miss any submissions, so make sure you join the Discord.

Submit a Play for Keeps entry message in #introduce-yourself which includes:

  • A name by which to address you in the channel
  • Why you’re interested in Keep or tBTC
  • What you are submitting for Playing for Keeps prizes — This can be an idea if you aren’t ready with a fully formed idea!
  • If you’ve already produced something you want to submit as an entry

More details about entry requirements are available here.

Keep stakedrop has begun

On June 8, Keep’s stakedrop officially kicked off with a public Crowdcast event. The livestream included a keynote from project lead Matt Luongo, a walkthrough, and an overview of next steps. If you were unable to attend — or simply want to see it again — the event is available to re-watch here.

Over the coming weeks there will be additional updates as the stakedrop progresses, including the release of the Keep dashboard. Ultimately, the stakedrop will let ETH holders earn KEEP by proving their ability to secure the Keep networktBTC, which lets people safely earn with their Bitcoin, is the first app built atop the Keep Network. Anyone can deposit their BTC to take full advantage of Ethereum, and anyone with the capital and know-how will be able to earn fees staking and supporting the bridge.

Follow the Keep #tbtc channel on Discord for more updates on Playing for Keeps and the Keep stakedrop.